Tips on How to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that has plagued many men and is potentially on the rise due to changes in lifestyle and a host of other factors. Turn on the television and you will quickly see a lot of products and information revolving around men being dissatisfied with their sexuality — either due to the size of their penis or bedroom performance as a whole. Because so much of a man’s self esteem is tied to his sexuality, it is important to get these issues under control whenever possible. Visit for tips on how to get a girl into bed before you start worrying about this stuff.

To beat premature ejaculation and make it a thing of the past, read on and apply these tips. 

What exactly is premature ejaculation?

Before diving into how to cure this problem, it is important to know what it is. While there are scientific definitions, the most important definition is when you finish before you are ready to. This is the type of thing that can put a damper on your sex life and make it difficult to have meaningful relationships with women. Because of this, you will want to nip this issue in the bud as quickly as you can with methods that matter.

Why does premature ejaculation happen?

There are a lot of reasons why this happens and most are mental more than physical. On a basic level, this is in evolutionary involuntary response for you to get out of a situation that your mind or body perceives as dangerous. For instance, if you have hangups, your body wants you to get rid of that anxiety by ending the sexual relationship as quickly as possible and is often takes place in the form of involuntary, premature ejaculation.

This also happens when you are not comfortable with the situation and the sensations that arise. The pressure builds and it comes difficult to hold off.

How can I beat premature ejaculation?

Thankfully for you, there are a lot of methods, strategies and therapies that you can employ in order to beat premature ejaculation. You should try out a few different strategies in order to see what will work best for you. However, keep in mind that it is best to tackle the root of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. With this in mind, the following focuses are a great way to go about beating this issue so that you can have great, hot sex without premature ejaculation ever getting you down again. 

#1: Get in touch with your body and its sensations

The best thing you can do is get to know yourself. Rather than masturbate to get rid of sexual urges as if they are unwanted, engage in productive masturbation that allows you to feel the sensations, process them and know when you are reaching the point of no return. The more that you practice stopping and starting, the easier it will be to perform when the time arises.

#2: Work out and get your blood flowing

It is also very important that you tone your body, because a great reason for premature ejaculation is that your body becomes tired and looks for a way out. Build your muscle through lifting weights and also make yourself flexible by engaging in yoga and martial arts. Cardio is your friend and will allow you to last as long as you would like. Skin lightening creams might also help you get the right skin complexion.

#3: Practice kegel exercises

It is also very important to work sexual muscles whenever possible. Contracting your PC muscle will allow you to increase your stamina as a whole. By doing this, you will be able to perform accordingly whenever the time comes. Make these exercises a regular part of your everyday life and your pelvic floor will be strong before you know it.

#4: Embrace meditation and fix any mental hangups

You need to take inventory of your life and recognize that the reason you do not perform well is because you have hangups from the past. Take care of your mental health by doing things like meditating and using positive affirmations. This allows you to reframe your thought processes so that they work for you, rather than against you.

#5: Choose partners that you can be comfortable with and re-frame your overall view of sexuality

Finally, the partner that you choose makes all the difference in the world. You will never perform well if you do not feel good and comfortable about the situation that you are embarking upon. By reframing your decision-making, you will have a healthier outlook on sexuality as a whole and will be able to boost your performance.

When you take advantage of these tips, you will have everything that you need to make premature ejaculation a thing of the past. Focus on these points and you will be able to last much longer in bed.